Michael Künzl Verkaufstrainings in Englisch

Starting with our most successful training “SicherZumAbschluss” that we are calling “Confident Sales”, we are now offering the whole range of Michael Künzl’s “Balanced Selling” trainings in English. If you have an international group of employees, you now have the chance to book Michael Künzl for presentations, in-house-trainings or seminars.


Balanced Selling


Successful directors and actors work with a screen play. And if they are really good at it, they get an Oscar! Have you already received an Oscar for your selling process? Oh … you don’t even have a screen play? Writing and personalizing it for your individual needs as well as elaborating on the details of your selling process are the main goals of this training!


Summary of the contents:

  • the selling process from A to Z including tips that really increase your sales
  • phone calls with high adherence to schedule
  • letting the client do the buying! How does the client sell it to himself?
  • the language of the customer – simple and providing an additional value to the client
  • providing service on the highest level, turning clients into fans who recommend you


When asking clients why they have decided to buy from that particular sales person, one answer is prevalent: “I trust this person!“ How does this trust develop? And what can we actively do to make the client feel well with us? How do we make sure that the closing of the sale is but a logical consequence?


Summary of the contents:

  • leaving a good first impression (from clothing to manners)
  • you can train to be charismatic! What makes a person charismatic? Illustration and training of the charismatic characteristics
  • how do you attract your clients’ interest in you and your products?
  • what is your unique selling proposition?
  • Success is projectable! How do motivational objectives work?


Developing one’s own selling process and personality on the highest level possible are the building blocks for your sales success. The only thing still missing to ensure long-lasting success is having the right clients – and having enough of those.


Summary of the contents:

  • classy management of recommendations: clients that have been recommended are your best clients! How do you get recommendations without being schmoozy
  • successful direct contacting
  • your most valuable asset: Information! The benefits you gain from a slight informational advantage and how to get it
  • what is characteristic for you individually? What is your unique selling propostion?
  • mail marketing, online presence, networking and whatnot


Already at an early age, Michael Künzl decided to make sales his life philosophy and vocation. Employed by Mercedes-Benz AG, he became one of the most successful sales persons in Germany within a short period of time. His attention was then drawn to self-employment and financial services where he was a long time executive and eventual CEO of a very successful nationwide finance and business consultancy.


Nowadays, as a trainer, coach and author, he lets others participate in his success and profit from his know-how of many years. His more than twenty years of experience in selling, dealing with various topics and customers alike, make his trainings, lectures and coachings an inspiring experience. Due to his long-time efforts in the training of personnel, the focal point lies on the motivational practicability in real, professional life.



I: Why and how did you become a sales trainer?

M: I have turned my passion – the education of sales people that I had until then only executed for my own team – into my profession. This was a decision in favour of enjoying what I was doing. Since then, I feel that my job is not a duty but a pleasure.


I: On your homepage  you say “ Sales success is trainable”. What do you mean by this?
M: Many sales people are excellently educated professionally. However, the personal and sales part of their education is neglected. And that is a pity, since the true potential for more success lies exactly there.


I: Could you give an example?
M: Last year, I trained a highly professional and educated team of sales people – exclusively in regard to personal and sales issues. Like this, we were able to accomplish an exceptional increase in sales and success.


I: What are characteristics of a good sales person? 
M: He or she is a good listener.


I: You say there are people born to be in sales. What can you do if you don’t belong to this exclusive group of naturally gifted people and still want to be a good sales person?
M: Somebody like that should be open to experience new things. He or she should be willing to work on their weaknesses, to challenge previous approaches and to develop into new directions. And if he or she walks through life with their eyes open, likes to deal with people and wants to understand them, then he or she can learn how to be a good sales person.


I: What would you call your sales philosophy?
M:  You don’t have be able to sell, you have to be able to let the client buy.


I: If I asked you now what the most important characteristics of a good sales person are, you would say …
M: Empathy, intrinsic motivation, self-confidence.


I: In your book “Beruf: Verkäufer …?!“ (“Profession: Sales person …?!“)  you talk about characteristics that a good sales person should possess. One focus lies on charisma. What constitutes a charismatic person?
M: Charismatic people are self-assured, they are interested in others, they are mentally flexible, give a certain meaning to their actions and are very expressive.


I: Does this mean you can actually learn to be charismatic?
M: Absolutely!


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